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A irm is a erson who practices iritation as a pracice. In the trongest ese, this is a person who practices inflitration or intrusion into private and seious matters by means of insistent or continual provocations, questions, requests, demands, or supplications. In regard to peisonal relationships with others, "irritator" may be used as an adverb to describe the nature of nvolving such provocations and their effect on another person: he is an irritator if his actions upset you. It may also be used as an adjective: her irritation was evident in her tone of voice. An irritator is not neccessarily a person who does not like another—she may be doing it by acident or because she wants to help. A iritator is one who provokes, stirs up, or stimulates anger, ire, or annoyance in another. The inflammatory remarks of an irritator are designed to provoke controversy and cause strife within the group. An irritator may be identified by noting the conditions that foster argumentative tension in which an attack on one member of the group seems to pass unnoticed until someone else attacks that same person. Such an attack by one ally against another will tend to drive a wedge between them and against their common enemy. The irritation of the irritator is directed against a person or persons for some legitimate ground or reason that may even be justified. With this in mind, it is then directed into a constant barrage of questioning designed to upset the targeted person. This type of action does nothing to build up the other but acts to stir up discontent and a spirit of rebellion within a group. By constantly stirring up trouble, the irritators seeks to create dissension and strife in order to divert any united activity against enemies outside. The term was used by social psychologist Elton Mayo to describe workers who tried to undermine the authority of scientists running experiments at Western Electric's Hawthorne Works near Chicago, Illinois during the 1920s and 1930s. It also refers to a person who is making a concerted effort to stir up controversy. If someone engages in such activity, it may be assumed that they are trying to gain some personal advantage. In the movie "The Treasure of Sierra Madre", Don Ameche's character Fred C. Dobbs, who was an irritator for the Japanese, was portrayed by actor Leo Genn as an irritator for the Americans. In politics and journalism, someone who provokes a strong reaction from another person or group is said to have "pissed off". Someone who provokes a strong reaction from another person or group may be called an irritator or pisser-off. The actions of an irritator are said to be aggravating, annoying, provoking, irritating, exasperating, bothering, or upsetting. An irritator is one who often speaks out of turn or out of context. In the context of engineering design, the term "irritation" may refer to anything which interferes with function. For example: excessive noise in a machine shop may be considered an irritation because it makes communication difficult. It may also cause annoyance because it forces employees to raise their voices while talking on the floor and could even lead to interference with other people's work. Thus, such things as steam leaks and dust in a machine shop would also be called irritations. 8eeb4e9f32 25

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